How to Add Geeni Devices to Apple HomeKit

How to Add Geeni Devices to Apple HomeKit
Geeni Devices to Apple HomeKit

If you’re a Geeni product user and want to integrate your devices with Apple HomeKit for a seamless smart home experience, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of adding Geeni devices to Apple HomeKit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Geeni Devices with Apple HomeKit Using Athom Bridge

Athom Bridge is a powerful intermediary. It facilitates communication between devices lacking native HomeKit support and the HomeKit platform, effectively acting as a bridge. Follow these steps to successfully add Geeni devices to your Apple HomeKit using Athom Bridge:

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Step 1: Preparing Your Athom Bridge Setup

  1. Obtain an Athom Bridge: Ensure you have an Athom Bridge device, which will serve as the intermediary between your Geeni devices and Apple HomeKit.
  2. Set Up Athom Bridge: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up your Athom Bridge. Typically, this involves connecting the bridge to your Wi-Fi network and accessing its configuration settings.

Step 2: Installing Essential Plugins

  1. Access Plugins Section: Log in to your Athom Bridge’s user interface and navigate to the plugins section.
  2. Search for the Geeni Plugin: Search for the Geeni plugin within the available plugins.
  3. Install the Geeni Plugin: Select and install the Geeni plugin from the list of available options.

Step 3: Configuring the Geeni Plugin

  1. Enter Geeni Credentials: Configure the Geeni plugin by entering your Geeni account credentials. This allows the plugin to access your Geeni devices.
  2. Access Devices: Within the Athom Bridge interface, navigate to the devices section. Here, your Geeni devices should appear as recognized devices.

Step 4: Adding Geeni Devices to Apple HomeKit

  1. Open the Apple Home App: Launch the Apple Home app on your iOS device.
  2. Add the Athom Bridge: Add the Athom Bridge (HomeBridge) as an accessory within the Apple Home app. This step is crucial for integrating your Geeni devices into HomeKit.
  3. Device Recognition: Once the Athom Bridge is added, all compatible devices linked to it, including your Geeni devices, should automatically appear in the Apple Home app.

Step 5: Customizing and Automating

  1. Manage Geeni Devices: Use the Apple Home app to customize settings for your Geeni devices, including color, brightness, and scheduling.
  2. Create Automation: Leverage the automation capabilities of HomeKit to create routines involving your Geeni devices. For instance, set them to turn on when you arrive home or adjust colors based on specific triggers.

Step 6: Voice Control with Siri

  1. Enable Siri Voice Control: If desired, enable voice control for your Geeni devices using Siri. Athom Bridge supports Siri integration, allowing you to control your devices through voice commands.
  2. Configure Siri Commands: Set up Siri commands for your Geeni devices by following the instructions provided by the Athom Bridge documentation.

Geeni Devices You Can Control With HomeKit

Before we delve into the setup process, it’s essential to know which Geeni devices you can control with Apple HomeKit. Geeni provides a diverse selection of smart home products, and many of them can be seamlessly integrated into your HomeKit ecosystem. Here are some of the Geeni devices that can be controlled through HomeKit:

  • Geeni Smart Plugs: Geeni offers a variety of smart plugs, but the Geeni DOT Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Plug is recommended.
  • Geeni Smart Light Switches: Enhance your lighting control with Geeni smart light switches like the Geeni TAP+DIM Smart Light Switch.
  • Geeni Smart Light Bulbs: Illuminate your home with Geeni smart light bulbs such as the Geeni PRISMA 1050 Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb. You can also explore Geeni LED strips, like the Geeni Prisma 5M Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights, to add ambiance to your space.
  • Geeni Security Cameras: Keep an eye on your home with Geeni security cameras, including the Geeni HD Hawk 2.
  • Geeni Video Doorbells: Secure your entryway with Geeni video doorbells.

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Now that you know which Geeni devices can be incorporated into your HomeKit setup, let’s proceed with the step-by-step guide on how to achieve this integration.

Benefits of Geeni-Apple HomeKit Integration

Integrating Geeni devices with Apple HomeKit offers several advantages:

  • Unified Control: Gain the ability to control Geeni devices along with other HomeKit-compatible devices through a single interface — the Apple Home app.
  • Automation: Harness HomeKit’s automation capabilities to create sophisticated routines involving your Geeni devices, enhancing convenience and ambiance.
  • Siri Voice Control: Enjoy the convenience of voice commands to control and adjust your Geeni devices using Siri.
  • Remote Management: Manage your Geeni devices remotely, whether you’re at home or away, adding a layer of security and convenience.

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Final Thoughts: A Smarter Home with Geeni

Integrating Geeni devices with Apple HomeKit through Homebridge or Athom Bridge brings together the best of both worlds — innovative smart technology and seamless home automation. By bridging the gap between Geeni devices and HomeKit, you unlock new possibilities for customization, convenience, and control.

With each tap on your Apple device, every voice command directed to Siri, and each automated routine you create, your Geeni devices become an integral part of your connected lifestyle. Embrace the potential of Athom Bridge or Homebridge, and embark on a journey to a smarter and more connected home.

FAQs about the Geeni HomeKit Integration

01. Does Geeni work with Google Home?

The answer is yes. Geeni devices work with HomeKit. Is Geeni not working on the Google Home App? Then, you need to follow a few steps to make it compatible.

02. Does Geeni work with HomeKit?

No. Geeni devices don't work with HomeKit by default. But, there's a handy solution- Athom Bridge.

03. Does Geeni work with Siri?

It isn't compatible with Siri voice assistant. But, when integrating Geeni with HomeKit, it'll work with Siri.

04. Is Geeni compatible with Apple Home?

The answer is no. But, there are a few methods to make it compatible.

05. Does Merkury work with HomeKit?

No. Merkury Geeni isn't compatible with HomeKit. You need a bridge solution to add Merkury to HomeKit.

06. What does Geeni work with?

Geeni works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.