Athom Homey Pro Smart Hub Review

Athom Homey Pro Smart Hub Review
Athom Homey Pro

In the rapidly evolving realm of smart homes, finding the right hub can be daunting. For homeowners seeking strength and adaptability, the Athom Homey Pro Smart Hub presents a strong argument. Let's delve deep into this powerhouse and see how it stands out in the crowded market of home automation.

Design and Installation

· Visual Appeal: The Homey Pro boasts a sleek circular design. The multi-color light rings add a dash of sophistication. Users have the flexibility to deactivate them if desired.

· Cost Efficiency: Homey Pro by Athom does not include monthly subscription fees. This contrasts sharply with the cloud-dependent nature of its counterpart, ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness.

· Ease of Setup: The Homey app makes installation easier. It assists users in configuring an intuitive home layout that includes device connections. While Wi-Fi connectivity is inherent, an optional Ethernet adapter offers enhanced stability.

Moreover, for users seeking a bridge solution to integrate their existing smart devices seamlessly, Athom offers the Athom Bridge. It was an earlier version that opened the door for advanced functions in the constantly developing field of home automation.

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Athom Homey Pro Supported Devices

The strength of any smart hub lies in its device compatibility. Athom Homey Smart Hub Pro impresses with its support for a range of protocols.

· Protocol Compatibility: Athom Homey Pro supports a range of protocols. They include Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. It aims to rival established players like Samsung's SmartThings Hub.

· Community Apps: Many third-party community apps are available in the ecosystem. There may be compatibility concerns. So, users should use caution when integrating some apps, such as Govee or Athom Homey Pro Yale Doorman.

Features and Flows of Homey Pro

Where Homey Pro truly shines is in its automation capabilities. Dubbed as 'Flows,' these routines allow users to orchestrate complex actions based on triggers, conditions, and actions. The possibilities are endless, from automating door locks to adjusting Hue lights.

The graphical Flow builder is accessible via the web interface. It empowers users to craft intricate routines, rivaling the offerings of systems like SmartThings. Moreover, with the inclusion of HomeyScript—a JavaScript-based scripting language—enthusiasts can push automation boundaries further. This opens doors to tailored, complex routines that might be challenging to achieve.

Community and Support

Talking about the Athom Homey Pro would be incomplete without mentioning the community that surrounds it. The power of a smart hub is not just in its hardware or software capabilities but also in the ecosystem it fosters.

· Engaged Community: Athom Homey has cultivated a community of users, developers, and enthusiasts. Online forums and user groups act as knowledge sources. They ease troubleshooting and idea exchange.

· Continuous Feedback Loop: Athom Homey eu 02 pro is not just a product. It's a collaborative endeavor. Feedback-driven enhancements ensure iterative product refinement, resonating with the ethos of user-centric design.

Pros and Cons of Athom Homey Pro


· Powerful Performance: Homey Pro stands unrivaled in terms of raw power and flexibility.

· Versatility: From Athom Homey Pro smart hub homey EU 02 pro to Homey Pro v2, its compatibility range is commendable.

· No Monthly Fees: A significant advantage over competitors, ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness.

· Diverse Protocol Support: With Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, IR, and Wi-Fi compatibility, the hub covers most bases.


· Device Support Limitations:Despite its superior capabilities, Homey Pro lacks in comprehensive device support compared to industry leaders.

· Integration Challenges: Some third-party integrations might not function as seamlessly as expected.

Where Does Homey Pro Stand?

One strong option is the Athom Homey Pro 2023. It is ideal for enthusiasts looking for automation capabilities without paying monthly fees. Its extensive protocol support, robust automation features, and the promise of future enhancements make it a worthy investment.

However, the buyers must proceed carefully, ensuring that their preferred devices are compatible with Homey Pro. It might not yet surpass industry giants in terms of sheer device compatibility. But, the Homey Pro promises a genuinely immersive and tailored smart home experience.

Final Thoughts

In the evolving landscape of smart homes, Athom Homey Pro carves a niche for itself. It provides a space where power, flexibility, and user-centric design converge. While challenges persist in terms of device support and integration, its strengths overshadow these limitations. As the smart home market develops, gadgets like the Homey Pro represent the future. A future in which user empowerment, personalization, and autonomy are important.

Integrating Specific Devices With Homey Pro

Looking to integrate specific devices with Homey Pro? Check out our detailed guides to add various smart home devices using Homey Pro:

FAQs about Athom Homey Pro Smart Hub

1.  What sets the Athom Homey Pro apart from the Homey Bridge?

The Athom Homey Pro stands out due to its absence of subscription fees. It allows users to enjoy native functionality without recurring charges. Both devices share a similar design. But the Pro offers enhanced capabilities and long-term cost-effectiveness.

2.  Is the Athom Homey Pro compatible with third-party devices like Google Nest?

Yes. Athom Homey Pro boasts compatibility with a range of devices, including Google Nest. However, users should always verify specific device compatibility to ensure seamless integration.

If you’re interested in the Nest devices, explore How to Add Nest Thermostat to Apple HomeKit

3.  How does HomeyScript enhance the automation capabilities of the Athom Homey Pro?

HomeyScript, a JavaScript-based scripting language, empowers users to craft tailored automation routines. This feature allows enthusiasts to achieve automation that might be challenging to execute.

4.  What community resources are available for Athom Homey Pro users?

Athom Homey Pro community offers platforms like forums, user groups, and developer communities. These platforms serve as hubs for sharing experiences. Also they serve for troubleshooting challenges, and collaborating on innovative ideas.

5.  Does the Athom Homey Pro support upcoming technologies like Matter?

Absolutely! The Athom Homey Pro is forward-looking, with upcoming support for Matter. This future integration aims to enhance its compatibility. It competes with established players, such as the Samsung SmartThings Hub.